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December 2009


Power housedam1sm.jpg (16705 bytes)Morehead Valley Hydro Inc. is a small hydro electric generating facility producing electricity through hydropower (falling water). Morehead Valley Hydro Inc. generates 110 kilowatts of electricity, the majority of which is sold to the BC Hydro grid in British Columbia, Canada, since 1994. Electricity is produced at two independent operating sites on Morehead Creek, utilizing induction motors as generators and pumps as turbines. In addition, Kaplan style (propeller) turbines are used. The first site utilizes up to 9.2 Meters (30 feet) of head at .5M3/s (17.7 cfs) through a 24" Penstock to a 315 mm Kaplan turbine which drives a 75 hp 3 phase induction motor at 1850 RPM. Capacitors are used to energize the unused leg of the three phase motor so that near three phase efficiency is produced at single phase output. This site produces 32 Kw peak output at single phase, with 1000 Acre Feet of storage in Morehead Lake, where the intake pipe and stainless steel intake screen are located.

The second site is located downstream 4 kilometers at a waterfall. The same water from the first hydro plant is used again to power two pumps which are driven backwards, which drive induction motors as generators. Another 315 MM Kaplan turbine has been installed as well, giving a capacity of 90 Kw. The vertical head is 18 meters (57 feet) and the pipe penstock is 30".


British Columbia Small Hydro Power Training Manual

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Mini Grid Design Manual

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